Best 16 Volt Battery For Drag Racing

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Drag racing is a sport that requires nothing short of the best 16 volt battery for drag racing. Why? It is a competition between two vehicles where the winner is the first vehicle to cross the finishing line. Thus, having a poorly performing battery may cause a defeat, and I guess you are not competing to lose. For that reason, the reliability of the best 16-volt drag racing batteries is quite recommendable.

Luckily, we will be reviewing some of the 16-volt batteries for drag racing tested and proved to perform on a racing sport. But before that, what is the best 16 volt battery for drag racing? Due to their potent starting power and an extended reserve capacity, XS Power D1600 16V 2,400 Amp AGM Battery wins.

XS Power D1600 16V 2,400 Amp AGM Battery


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Our Top Pick: XS Power D1600 16V 2,400 Amp AGM Battery

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Why This Is Best?

  1. Voltage: 16 V
  2. Crank Amps: 675 A
  3. Cold Crank Amps: 550 A
  4. Reserve Capacity: 85 Min
  5. Vibration Resistant: Yes
  6. Mount Capacity: Yes
  7. Group Size: 24
  8. Item Weight: 48.2 lbs
  9. Warranty: 1 Year
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What Are The Best 16 Volt Battery For Drag Racing?

Here are some of the best 16 volt battery for drag racing we found:

1. XS Power D1600 16V 2,400 Amp AGM Battery With 3/8″ Stud Terminal


  • Voltage [V]: 16
  • Crank Amps [A]: 675
  • Cold Crank Amps [A]: 550
  • Reserve Capacity [Minutes]: 85 minutes
  • Vibration Resistant: Yes
  • Mount Capacity: Yes
  • Group Size: 24
  • Item Weight: 48.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 261mmx 164mm x 179 mm
  • Warranty: 1 Year

To begin is this item from the XS Power brand which is respected in delivering not only batteries with high performance but also long-living items. Correspondingly, the xs power AGM battery contains the power needed for racing batteries and will serve you for an extended period. Below are some of its outstanding features.

AGM battery

Today, batteries are incorporating an absorbed glass matt construction. The crafting style consists of a glass matt separator which wicks the electrolyte in the battery plates. Consequently, reducing the sulfation risks which damage the battery.

The catch?

Considering that this battery has the AGM crafting, you will not have to top charge as it is the case with lead-acid batteries. Even better, it considerably prevents sulfation which is the primary cause of battery damage.

Spill-proof and vibration resistant

Vehicle experience intense vibrations. Worse, for a racing car, the vibrations will be severe due to the high speed of acceleration. Mind you, intense vibrations damage or reduce the batteries lifespan.

The good news?

This battery is 15x secure from vibrations. Consequently, it will last longer. Yet it is a spill-proof battery which makes it mess-free.

Low resistance

Yet, this battery has very negligible resistances.

A battery with high resistance, its electrons in motion loses more energy which results in reduced powers. However, with such low resistance of this battery, less energy is lost, resulting in high efficiency and optimized starting powers.

To add, this battery has enhanced mounting capacity, hence can be mounted in almost any position effortlessly.

2. Xs Power Xp1000 16v 2,400 Amp Agm Battery With 3/8″ Stud Terminal


  • Voltage [V]: 16
  • Crank Amps [A]: 675
  • Cold Crank Amps [A]: 500
  • Reserve Capacity [Minutes]: 75 minutes
  • Vibration Resistant: Yes
  • Mount Capacity: Yes
  • Group Size: 24
  • Item Weight: 46.4 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 11.5×7.6×8.7 inches
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Yet, the xs power 2400 AMP AGM battery is optimized to deliver the high performance needed from a drag racing battery. Why do I think so? Let me explain.

Extended reserve capacity

Reserve capacity in a battery refers to the period a battery can keep the essential components running if the vehicle alternator fails. In other words, the longer is the reserve capacity, the longer the battery will keep moving after the alternator fails.

Fortunately, this battery has an extended reserve capacity to keep you moving well and finish the race in time even after the alternator fails.


The crank amps and the cold crank amps arecritical when looking for a high performing 16-volt battery for drag racing battery.

For that reason, the manufacturer of this excellently performing battery incorporated higher crank amps to make it even more studier.

To top offis a much extended cold-cranking amps rating. Thus, if you will be racing on freezing weather, you will not have to struggle with reduced performance as expected.
Simply, it is a battery to make you stand out.


Guessing, you are not purchasing the battery for only a single racing season. Hence it should be constructed to maintain its high performance for an extended period.

Correspondingly, this battery has features to assure on its durability. One of them is vibration resistance. Still, its crafting materials are of high strength to absorb impacts.

3. Turbostarts16v AGM Series 16-Volt Dry Cell Racing Battery


  • Voltage [V]: 16
  • Crank Amps [A]: 650
  • Cold Crank Amps [A]: 550
  • Reserve Capacity [Minutes]: 85 minutes
  • Vibration Resistant: Yes
  • Mount Capacity: Yes
  • Group Size: 24
  • Item Weight: 46.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 11.8 x 7.9 x 9.7 inches
  • Warranty: 2 Year

Alongside ensuring that your battery starting powers are matchless, it would be better to have trouble-free replacements and cleaning. Thus, you should significantly consider a lightweight battery if you are not ready to hire a technician to do replacement for you.

Besides, being lightweight, the turboshaft S16V racing battery has matchless cranking powers, reserve capacity, and promising features. Let me give their details.

Cranking powers

Cranking powers measure the current that a battery will supply when at the temperatures of 0 degree Celsius. The rule is that the higher is the crank amps rating the powerful is the battery.

Due to its extended crank amps rating of 650 amperes, this battery will undoubtedly deliver the power required for a racing battery if not more.

Cold-cranking powers

Also, at low temperatures, the battery electrons require more energy to move, reducing its performance. That is why, if a battery has much depreciated, it may take longer to power the vehicle.

If you are not ready to face such disgusting experiences, then a battery with high cold crank amps rating is the solution.

Correspondingly, the cold crank amps of the turboshaft 16-volt battery for drag racing are higher than ever before. Hence, bad weather will not stop its high performance.

Extended reserve period

Typically, batteries are constructed to power on the essential components after an alternator fails.

But for how long will the battery power the components? Definitely, if the reserve capacity is limited, then it will only help out for only a short time.

That gives the reason why the reserve capacity of this battery is up to 85 minutes.

4. Turbostarts16vl Light-Weight 16-Volt Dry Cell Racing Battery


  • Voltage [V]: 16
  • Crank Amps [A]: 550
  • Cold Crank Amps [A]: 450
  • Reserve Capacity: 50 minutes
  • Vibration Resistant: Yes
  • Mount Capacity: Yes
  • Group Size: 34
  • Item Weight: 32 lbs
  • Product Dimensions:  12 x 8.2 x 8.5 inches
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Are you working with a limiting budget? Are you much wishing to get a powerful 16-volt battery for drag racing? I got you! The turboshaft S16VL battery may be what you are looking for.

At affordable pricing, this battery has the most exceptional starting powers. Yet it serves best after the alternator fails. What’s more about this battery?

Corrosion and vibration resistant

The battery terminals are highly prone to corrosion. Needless to say, corroded terminals significantly reduce the performance of the battery. Actually, a battery may fail to work just because of corroded terminals.


This battery is treated against corrosion. Its terminals have a unique coating to secure them from corrosion for decades.  Thus, it is a long-living battery.

Also, to add on its durability, this battery is secure from the damaging effects of the vehicle vibrations alongside a heavy strength case to absorb shock impacts.

Superlight and heavy strength

Have you ever tried replacing or inspecting a heavyweight battery? Then you can bear witness how troublesome it is. As a matter of fact, most people incur an unnecessary cost of hiring a mechanic to replace their batteries due to the complicated process brought up by their heavyweight.

Considering the lightweight of this battery, you don’t have to hire a mechanic any more. You can do it without any complications.

Quite powerful

More significantly, you should check the power of the battery. Is it able to power your vehicle? Even more critically, will it work on a cold season?

Against all odds, this fantastic battery will give you the power you expect from a 16v battery if not more.

Addedly, it is a battery to make you outstand your racing competitors due to its excellent performance even on a cold season. That is due to its high crank amps rating and cold crank amps rating

5. Xs Power S1600 16v 2,000 Amp Agm Starting Battery With 3/8″ Stud Terminal


  • Voltage [V]: 16
  • Crank Amps [A]: 500
  • Cold Crank Amps [A]: 420
  • Reserve Capacity [Minutes]: 55
  • Vibration resistant: Yes
  • Mount capacity: Yes
  • Group Size: 34
  • Item Weight: 31 pounds
  • Product Dimensions:  12X7.9x9iches
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Lastly, are you looking for a battery that can be mounted in any position and has exceptional powers? Drums roll for the xs power s1600 AGM starting battery.

At 20000 amp rating and with an absorbed glass matt, there is nothing that will stop it from starting your vehicle. Let’s look deeper at its three most exceptional features.

AGM battery

Most people prefer the AGM batteries. Why? They have a low resistance hence capable of delivering high currents which results in more power. Also, the AGM batteries do not require topping charging which reduces its maintenance needs.

Resultantly, the manufacturer of this battery considered the AGM crafting style. This, this battery delivers a higher power than other batteries of its standard.

500 crank amps

Moving on this battery powers most if not all of the racing vehicles. At a crank amps rating of 500 crank amps, it supplies relatively a high current to get the racing vehicle moving at the fastest possible speed.

Also, on a cold season, nothing will stand on its way. A cold crank amp rating of 420 amps implies it will work correctly on unfavorable weather conditions.


If there is anything that disappoints me is after using my hard-earned dollars only to get a flimsily crafted item in return. I am grateful that manufacturers such as of this item exist to ensure we get a worth it item.

Specifically, this battery not only delivers the needed functionality but also assures on durability. It has a robust case and even an advanced treatment against corrosion. Consequently, it is a long-living item.

How To Choose The Best 16v Drag Racing Battery Buying Guide  

Size of the Engine

While purchasing a new car, the engine size is usually paid attention to. That does not change while replacing the battery. But before we dive right in what does the engine size refer to?

The engine size measures the total amount of fuel and air that the car’s cylinder can hold. Engine size is measured in liters. For instance an engine size of 1.4r liters.

What’s the point?

A higher engine rating requires a battery with a high power rating. Consequently, you should ensure that the battery is powerful and compatible with the engine size rating.

Battery Weight

Most people overlook the battery weight, and I find it ironic how they complain about the battery’s complicated replacement or inspecting process. Mind you, you should periodically inspect the battery and replace it if need be.

Consequently, if you need to replace the battery all by yourself rather than incurring the unnecessary mechanic cost, you should look at the battery’s weight. Ideally, it should be lightweight for portability and less complicated replacement process

Duration of Holding Charge

Different batteries can hold a charge for different periods. That is to say, some batteries can hold the charge for a more extended period and others for a shorter time. Your aim is getting a battery that will stay with the charge for a more extended period.

What should you look for?

First, check on the amps per hour rating. Amps per hour rating measure the amount of current that a battery can deliver at a given time after being fully charged. Ideally, the higher the amps hour rating is, the longer the battery will retain the charge.

Also, you can look at the recharge and discharge cycles of the battery. Always, consider a battery with more recharge and discharge cycles.

Alternator or No Alternator

A vehicle alternator is a critical component of a vehicle that powers the car battery. That is why if you notice that the battery can’t power the car, it is also essential that you check the alternator.

An alternator is approximated to live for seven years or an approximate distance of 100, 00 to 150, 000 miles.

However, what happens if your alternator gets damaged while on the road? Does it mean your car will come to an immediate alt or it can work with no-alternator mode?

What’s the point?

You should consider a battery with an extended reserve capacity. RC is the measure of the total period the battery can power the vehicle after the alternator fails or in no-alternator mode. Consequently, it gives you time to get to the nearest mechanic rather than getting stranded inthe middle of nowhere.

Auxiliary Loads

Auxiliary loads refer to the extra components connected to the car, meaning they will be using the cars battery power. Thus, it is vital to consider the power drawn by the auxiliary components while choosing your vehicle’s appropriate battery.

Some vehicles have a separate auxiliary battery to power the connected electric systems except the heating system and air conditioning system. 

If your vehicle does not have the extra auxiliary battery, then you should consider purchasing a battery that has a higher power rating than needed by the engine.


Besides looking for a powerful16volt battery for drag racing, you should also guarantee that the battery will not waste before it depletes its lifespan. If anything, you should ensure that it lives beyond its lifespan. Consequently, it is vital to look at the durability of promising features.

One of them is its resistance to the damaging effects of vibration. Worse, racing cars have more intense vibrations. Thus, at least the appropriate battery should be at least 10x resistant to vibrations.

Also, check the case. It should be of heavy strength, material to absorb the shocks.

Lastly, it is recommendable that the terminals are treated against corrosions for them to live longer.

Battery Life and Warranty

At the time of manufacturing, the manufacturer can approximate the lifespan of the battery. Depending on several factors and the maintenance, the battery can live beyond its lifespan or even lesser years than its lifespan.

Though recommendable, you should consider a battery that has a longer lifespan.

Similarly, an item that has a warranty should be considered. Why? In other words,the warranty gives you a testing period. Within that period you can receive a free replacement or repair services from the dealer. 

Customer Reviews

Looking at the customer reviews is a good strategy that will help you determine which item meets your expectations. Remember, the review is from a person who has tested the item and is well conversant with its functionality.

In most cases, positive customer reviews and high customer ratings translate to an expectation meeting product.


Lastly, is the cost of the battery. Note that not all expensive items that will give the needed performance. While, a lowly rated item may translate to poor performance.

Luckily there are affordable batteries which maintain a good performance. However, you should look at the vital features first, before looking at the battery pricing.

How Does It Work?

A battery is primarily a device that converts the chemical energy to electric energy needed to keep objects moving. Thus, every vehicle needs a battery to hit the road.

But how does the battery convert the chemical energy to electric energy?

To start, typically, the battery contains six or lesser cells. The battery cells have a grid and two plates. The plates are submerged in acid, likely the sulphuric acid.

This acid acts as a catalyst for a chemical reaction between the two plates—one of the plates producing ions and the other one lead sulphate.

Following is a chemical reaction between the ions which results in electrons which generate electricity on the plates.

The electricity generated on the plates flow out through the terminals and goes on to power the vehicle.

How To Test A 16-Volt Battery For Drag Racing Car?

Usually, a multimeter is recommended for testing the battery due to its high level of safety and reliable results. How do you do it?

Step 1; get the tools

For the testing process, you require only a multimeter. Before getting hands-on, ensure that you know how to read the multimeter scale.

Step 2; turn on the headlights

Turning on the vehicle headlights helps remove extra charges in the battery surface.

Turn on the headlights and turn off after 3 to 5 minutes.

Step 2; connect the multimeter

Using the clips, connect the multimeter to t6he battery terminals. Ensure the connection is correct positive terminal of the multimeter to the positive terminal of the battery and the negative terminal of the multimeter to the negative terminal of the battery

Step 4; take the readings

Take the readings from the multimeter and record them.

A reading below 12.6 volts indicates a damaged battery. Hence it should be replaced immediately. However, if the reading is above 12.6 volts, your battery is in good condition

Do I Need A Special Charger For The 16-Volt Battery?

There is nothing special with a 16-volt charger. All you should ensure is that the charger is compatible with the battery and can supply the needed power. A 16 volt should not be used for it will deliver too high power than needed.

Recommendable, for 16 volts battery a 13.8-volt adapter can be used.


Looking for the best 16-volt battery for drag racing, things like crank amps, reserve capacity, durability, vibration resistance to mention only a few should be considered. If you have not read this review, those terms may be a little bit confusing. But worry less.

This article not only explains the factors to be considered when looking for the best battery for racing but also reviews most of the recommendable batteries in the market. Confidently, it is all you need to get a battery that will take your racing to a whole new level.



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