Best Battery For Harley Davidson Street Glide 2022

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There is no beating the feeling you get as you cruise down the road on your Harley Davidson on a beautiful day. The great weather and excellent visibility are mind-blowing. What’s not to love? A small tweak on the bike with the best battery for Harley Davidson Street glide allows you to enjoy more visibility.  

So, what is the best battery for Harley Davidson street glide? I recently did thorough research to find out and came up with an outstanding finding. So believe me when I recommend THROTTLEX HDX30L battery for your Harley Davidson street glide. THROTTLE HDX30L has high heat tolerance and vibration resistance. It delivers more power, rivaled only by your original Harley battery. The AGM design sealed cover makes it leak and spillproof, hence safer than most batteries. It’s easy to install and comes fully charged, meaning you can use it immediately and start riding.

Throttlex Hdx30l – Made In America – Harley Davidson Replacement Battery

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Our Top Pick: Throttlex Hdx30l – Made In America – Harley Davidson Replacement Battery

Our Research

  • Researched Source: 44
  • Hours Researched: 28
  • Experts Interviewed: 15
  • Consumers Review: 136

Why This Is Best?

  1. Voltage [V]: 12
  2. Crank Amps [A]: 650
  3. Cold Crank Amps [A]: 400
  4. Reserve Capacity: 56 Min
  5. Vibration Resistant: Yes
  6. Mount Capacity: Yes
  7. Group Size: BS12
  8. Item Weight: 23 lb
  9. Warranty: 1.5 Year
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Top 05 Battery For Harley Davidson Street Glide Comparison Table

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What Are The Best Battery For Harley Davidson Street Glide?

Here are some of the best battery for Harley Davidson Street Glide  we found:

1. Throttlex Hdx30l – Made In America – Harley Davidson, Atv And Utv Replacement Battery


  • Voltage [V]: 12
  • Crank Amps [A]: 650
  • Cold Crank Amps [A]: 400
  • Reserve Capacity [Minutes]: 56
  • Vibration Resistant: Yes
  • Mount capacity: Yes
  • Group Size: BS12
  • Item Weight: 23 lb
  • Product Dimensions [inches]: 5.75×5.28×1.5
  • Warranty: 1.5 Year

It’s a premium battery that offers more than performance. The battery is ideal for a riding enthusiast and uses AGM technology. The highly porous microfiber separator completely traps and absorbs the acid to curb leaks and spills. It’s the best battery for 1997-2016 Harley-Davidson street glide. The battery comes fully charged and ready for use. You can install it immediately after purchase.   

The AGM technology makes the battery high heat tolerant and doesn’t suffer similar problems like most batteries. THROTTLEX HDX30L is an ultra classic battery replacement with solid lead terminals threaded along the stainless steel bolts. It has a distinct quality of producing the same power as original Harley batteries.   

It’s a versatile battery, making it ideal for 1997-2016 Harley Davidson models. The spill resistance and leak proof is due to the sealed cover. It weighs only 22 pounds, and the threaded terminals are convenient to use.   

The battery is maintenance free, making caring easy and less frustrating unlike ordinary batteries. You enjoy the same power and quality as an original battery like 400CCA and 28Ah. The lightweight design makes it easy to carry. You can even carry an extra battery for emergencies.

2. Shorai Lfx Battery – Lfx18a1-Bs12/Black


  • Voltage [V]: 6
  • Crank Amps [A]: 420
  • Cold Crank Amps [A]: 270
  • Reserve Capacity [Minutes]: 28
  • Vibration resistant: Yes
  • Mount Capacity: Yes
  • Group Size: BS12
  • Item Weight: 2.3 lb
  • Product Dimensions [inches]: 8×3.5×6.5
  • Warranty: 1 Year

The battery has the ideal explosive power every rider will love. Its long lasting and works hard to keep you going. The lithium-ion battery has a 18Ah at 12V polarity. This is thebest lithium battery for HarleyDavidson. Lithium batteries are safer to use and less likely to explode when charging. The lithium batteries deliver more power to your bike and give you longer lasting experience.   

LFX18A1-BS12 charges quickly, saving you time. It allows you to get back on the road to riding in a short time. The feature makes it a perfect solution for someone with a bike that consumes too much power like Harley Davidson. Opting for Shorai is a wise and safer choice.   

The lithium technology offers a lighter and more efficient high performance batteries. It comes in varied case shapes, capacity options, size and left/right polarity options giving you the best fitment. The batteries include high-density and adhesive backed foam sheets, which you can trim and apply to the battery box in minutes.   

The foam sheets are solid fit and provide added vibration and thermal insulation. As much as the battery may be smaller than original Harley batteries, it provides enough power to sustain your bike. Shorai LFX18A1-BS12 comes inclusive of terminal screws and some spares. Also, it comes with a user manual and Shorai decals of different sizes.

3. Renegade Rg30l-Ws 12 Volt 30 Ah Ultra Premium Wicked Start 600+ Cca Harley Touring Battery


  • Voltage [V]: 12
  • Crank Amps [A]: 800
  • Cold Crank Amps [A]: 600
  • Reserve Capacity [Minutes]: 60
  • Vibration Resistant: Yes
  • Mount capacity: Yes
  • Group Size: WS12
  • Item Weight: 23 lb
  • Product Dimensions [inches]: 6.56x5x6.87
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Renegade RG30L-WS uses AGM technology, which is the latest in battery production. The battery is OEM compatible and every product leaving the factory has undergone thorough testing and vetting. It’s the best battery for high compression Harley. The AGM construction increases the battery’s service life.

You enjoy optimal performance, even in extreme weather. The battery construction is completely sealed, making it liquid-free, leakproof and corrosion proof. The acid inside never spills which makes the battery safer to use.

It features extra cranking power of 600 CCA. The battery is impact resistant and the case and cover protects it from vibrations and shocks. It comes fully charged, meaning you can use it straight from the factory or dealer. The battery is easy to install.  
Renegade RG30L-WS delivers enough power to sustain your Harley Davidson and rough terrain since it’s vibration resistant. A reliable and durable battery serves you in the longer term and an ideal choice for bikers. It delivers power and performance like no other. The impact resistance case ensures you prevent damage even when riding in a rough terrain. With no risk of damage you enjoy longer battery life making it a good value for your investment.   

Just like other high performance batteries, Renegade RG30L-WS prides itself as one of the best and an ideal long lasting option for bikers. You enjoy three times longer service life than ordinary batteries. Renegade RG30L-WS is an excellent choice if you want a replacement battery for your Harley Davidson.

4. Yuasa Yuam320bs Ytx20l-Bs Battery


  • Voltage [V]: 12
  • Crank Amps [A]: 660
  • Cold Crank Amps [A]: 500
  • Reserve Capacity [Minutes]: 36
  • Vibration Resistant: Yes
  • Mount capacity: Yes
  • Group Size: BS12
  • Item Weight [pounds]: 14.85
  • Product Dimensions [inches]: 6.87×3.43×6.12
  • Warranty [Year]: 1

The Yuasa battery is a perfect replacement battery for your Harley Davidson. The company has a long history and consistency in quality batteries. The batteries are a solid addition to the relevant replacements for original Harley battery. YUAM320BS YTX20L-BS features AGM technology like most high quality batteries in the market.  

The solid construction eliminates any need for maintenance, and it’s easy to install. The battery comes with an acid bottle, supplied dry and really holds charges well. Also, it has a low discharging quality which makes it easy to use in5termittently with no problems. The battery doesn’t require frequent charging and lasts longer than most batteries.  

The battery dimensions of 6.87by3.43by6.12 inches fit perfectly in most Harley Davidson bike models, so you won’t have fitting issues. The battery can hold specific gravity better than most batteries as it uses advanced lead calcium technology. Absorbent glass mat separators makes the battery leak and spill proof. The sealed construction also makes it corrosion proof, which is good.

5. Yuasa Yuam732hl Battery (Yuam723hl)


  • Voltage [V]: 12
  • Crank Amps [A]: 710
  • Cold Crank Amps [A]: 500
  • Reserve Capacity [Minutes]: 64
  • Vibration Resistant: Yes
  • Mount Capacity: Yes
  • Group Size: BS12
  • Item Weight: 15.2 lb
  • Product Dimensions [inches]: 9x7x5.5
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Is it the best battery brand for Harley Davidson? Certainly Yuasa is a trusted brand, and the YUAM732HL has an impressive rating of 500 cold cranking amps. It’s a fine battery to use even in a harsh temperature environment and continues to deliver impressive power.   

The battery suits everyone, including those living in cold regions where temperatures affect battery performance. For you, you won’t be having problems, which is great, right? The battery works well in most Harley Davidson bike models, including some bigger models like Ultra Classic or the Road King.   

YUAM732HL is made using the best materials and uses lead calcium technology. Therefore, it’s a superior brand matching its top peers in the market like its ability to hold specific gravity. The sealed nature of the battery makes it maintenance free and you never need to add water to your battery.

The AGM technology makes it leak and spill proof, and you never have to worry about corrosion. The battery is resistant to both shock and vibrations. 

What To Look For The Best Battery For Harley Davidson Street Glide?

Buying a Harley Davidson battery is not a light choice. Arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible on what you are buying and what you want. This is a commitment and you don’t want to buy the wrong battery that will not make the bike run. Neither do you want to deal with a flat or broken battery after spending much money.   

Having the right battery solves many problems like problems starting the bike engine on a cold weather, problems riding in rough terrain because of the vibrations, among others. To buy the right and the best battery for Harley Davidson, consider:
User manual

The user manual has comprehensive information about the battery. It tells you the accessories that dome with the battery and what to expect in terms of power. You learn the care and maintenance aspects of your new acquisition. For most people, maintenance-free batteries are the best as they need less care and attention.   

The user manual gives you vital safety tips and expected performance in terms of cranking power. Use the knowledge well and enjoy longer lasting battery life.   

Find the right battery size

Some people take battery size lightly. Size is an important consideration and ensures you get the right battery that fits into your battery compartment. Otherwise, you may find yourself buying another battery or using unconventional and unsafe ways to make it work. Ill fitting damages to the battery. Pick a battery size that fits your Harley Davidson.   

Reserve capacity

Reserve capacity is vital in performance. Your battery maintenance and usage is critical and determines how much power you enjoy when riding. The minutes are the time the battery requires to sustain a load when fully charged. Usually it takes 25 amps and the battery can power lights, stereo and other electrical equipment.   

Age of the battery

Battery performance decreases with age. The older the battery, the less power it produces and less reliable it is. Buy a battery that can last several years before needing to replace it. A shorter lifespan means your joys will be short-lived. Start investing in a new battery the moment your current ones goes beyond half its battery life.  

Cold cranking amps

Cold cranking amps tells you how efficient your battery will work. The higher the CCA of the cell, the better the performance. CCA shows how quickly the battery starts your motorcycle engine on a cold weather. It’s easier to start the automobile on a warm weather than on a cold weather. Higher CCA rating means greater starting power.   

Price of the battery

Cost is a sensitive issue and determines whether or not you get your battery. There are both expensive and affordable Harley Davidson battery options, so choose wisely. Look at the prices and compare them considering the quality features you stand to enjoy. However, don’t sacrifice quality for price as it compromises your ability to ride for long or get value for your money

Care and maintenance of the battery

A maintenance free battery is definitely a must pick for obvious reasons. First, you never need to add water to the battery to keep the electrolyte active. Adding water is a tiresome task that sometimes you can forget and ruin your riding venture.  

While your battery may be vibration and shock resistance or impact resistant, it’s good to ride with care. Don’t misuse the battery and ensure you buy battery chargers to enjoy the intended lifespan.   

Installing & Replacing A Harley Davidson Battery

As you use your Harley Davidson battery, you will eventually need to replace it with time. It’s good to know how to install your new battery in the Harley Davidson bike. We are giving you the easiest way to install it and the accessories you need and what to unplug.

Regardless of whether the replacement is because of slow discharge or reducing performance, it’s important you do it right. There is no need to waste more money going to the dealership for an easy job that you can do at home. Read the stepwise instructions carefully and follow them appropriately.   
Step 1: choose the right battery size

Battery size depends on the model, check the bike’s user manual to know the right size. The user manual shows the right battery for your bike model. Ensure the CCA and dimensions match or are appropriate for the battery to fit perfectly.   
Step 2: remove the old battery  

First, turn off the engine to ensure there is no current flow that can cause electric shocks or damage.  

Step 3: disconnect the terminals

Carefully observe the old battery terminals to know the positive and the negative terminals. First, remove the cable that’s attached to the negative terminal, then the one attached to the positive terminal. After removing both cables, examine the terminals for signs of corrosion. Use a wire brush to scrub off any corrosion.   

Step 4: activate your new battery

To activate it, first remove the sealing tube and filling plugs. Appropriately fill it with the electrolyte and charge it if it’s a deep cycle battery. Before charging the battery, leave it for 30 minutes for the electrolyte to function.   

Step 5: allow charging for 5 hours straight

Let your deep cycle battery charge for 5 hours. The first charge must be correct as improperly charged batteries don’t perform well.   

Step 6: install the new battery

To install the battery, first connect the positive terminal then connect the negative terminal. Reversing the installing order can cause an explosion and even damage the battery. Ensure the terminal connection is tight. Always check your terminal connection frequently before riding out on your Harley Davidson bike.    

Skip step 4 and step 5 if you are dealing with ready to install battery that doesn’t require charging. Most maintenance-free batteries already have the electrolyte and will start working the moment you install them. Also, some may need charging only. So, carefully read the user manual to know the battery factor recommendations before use.    

Useful tips

  • Always wear eye protection and gloves when working near or with battery acid
  • Have water and a paste of baking soda to apply in case the acid comes in contact with your skin to neutralize the burning effect

What Are The Different Types Of Harley Davidson Batteries?

There are different types of Harley Davidson batteries that you can consider when shopping for an ideal battery that will power your motorcycle reliably. While durability and performance are great considerations, you can consider maintenance and cranking power. Other vital features in a battery include design or construction and its ability to withstand harsh environments. Below are the different Harley Davidson batteries.   

AGM batteries  

The batteries are common in the industry. The batteries are factory sealed and don’t need maintenance. They are leak and spill proof, which is convenient as you never have to worry about constantly checking for leaks. Also, the batteries have shock and vibration resistance. You don’t need to keep them upright as they are sealed and can be fit in any position.   

Lead-acid batteries  

More or less an old school battery and common in most vehicles. The battery must be kept upright as it can leak and spill, which causes more havoc. The battery has lead and lead dioxide, which means it needs constant addition of distilled water to boost the electrolyte. Water is added to the battery as per the instructions.  

Gel batteries  

Commonly used in harsh weather and have high performance. Also, they provide immense power to sustain your motorcycle. Gel batteries have a longer lifespan than the previous two options. The batteries are immune to corrosion and spillage or leaks due to their great construction. These batteries pack more power and have a slow discharge, making them the best.

What Are The Different Types Of Harley Battery Terminals Available?

Harley-Davidson motorcycle batteries use different battery terminals. It’s good to know the different terminals and their features to handle them better. Understanding how the terminals work is crucial to properly connecting the battery safely.  

As a biker, study the user manual and understand the battery terminals it ha so that you can make proper purchase of battery accessories that fit. Below are the Harley Davidson battery terminals;
Lead terminal

It’s a very common terminal and you find it in most batteries. The terminals have been in the market for decades and served as the only terminals.They are electrically solid and horizontal in nature

Steel terminal

The terminals are more robust and very unlikely to snap off. Steel terminals are versatile and come either as a horizontal orientation or vertical orientation. They are stronger than the lead terminals and available in a sizeable number of batteries in the market.

Screw terminals  

Very rare to find, but they exist. The terminals are internally threaded. It involves screwing directly into the battery during installation. These terminals are easier to deal with and very convenient to use, even though they are rare. Slowly they are gaining market visibility and it won’t take long before battery factories start making several batteries using screw terminals.

How Can I Prolong The Life Of My Motorcycle Battery?

Keeping your Harley Davidson battery functioning properly is vital. Frequent replacements are frustrating and expensive. Therefore, take proper care of the battery to prolong its service life. Use the tricks below helps you extend the battery life and you worry less about the battery performance down the road. Do the checks every month.  

Step 1: keep the battery charged

A fully charged motorcycle battery works for longer and is stronger. If you are a regular rider, ensure the alternator is properly charging the battery as you ride. However, if the battery is in storage for long, you need a motorcycle battery charger.   
Step 2: maintain your maintenance schedule

Just like other motorcycle components, your battery needs regular maintenance and care. Some care tips include;

  • Checking your battery terminals for signs of corrosion and cleaning them off using a wire brush
  • For conventional batteries, check the electrolyte levels then add distilled water to submerge the plates.   
  • Test the battery power using a tester to ensure it functions well.   

Step 3: Regulate the temperature

It’s normal for a conventional battery to lose vapor with time. Extreme shifts in temperature accelerate vapor loss, causing the battery to eventually stop working or holding a charge. As much as you can’t protect your Harley Davidson bike from all temperature fluctuations, keep it in a garage or climate controlled garage to keep it in a stable temperature when not riding.   

However, sealed batteries don’t have the same problem as the gases recombine inside the battery, hence no fluid loss. Storing these batteries in climate-controlled garage reduces self-discharge, keeping them stable even as you experience reliable starting power for years.   

Step 4; use the right battery for your motorcycle

Motorcycles are different and don’t use the same batteries. Use only a battery designed for your Harley Davidson bike model to enjoy better performance. Go for quality and reliable brands as they are trusted in the market and offer high-performance. Quality battery brands can withstand wear forces.   


Our list of the best battery for Harley Davidson features batteries from different manufacturers. It’s our hope that the options given above will suit your preference, even though they range in price and value. All the reviewed batteries offer quality. The goal is to help you understand the vital considerations when buying a motorcycle battery and we have suggested the best five Harley Davidson batteries.   

We have also included the links to the batteries so you can see them even as you pick the best. THROTTLEX HDX30L – MADE IN AMERICA – Harley Davidson, ATV and UTV Replacement Battery is our top pick as it offers you longer service life, more power and can withstand a harsh environment. It’s not bad to swap your Harley Davidson battery for any of these batteries as you enjoy the same benefits. Cheers!



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