Best Battery For Jet Ski (Reviews & Buying Gide 2022)

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Sometimes it can be difficult to find the best battery for jet ski on the market. While many brands are completely honest about the performance of their batteries, some are not. A client may purchase a Jet Ski battery rated for 18AH and later surprised to find out it’s 14AH. Which brand is the best or has the best performance? This is one of the questions that many people ask. There are many brands, but choosing the one that works best can be a daunting task. To reduce your worries and search time, we’ve highlighted one of the best. 

So, what is the best battery for jet ski? Chrome Battery Yb16cl-Bs Jet Ski Battery is one of the best jet ski batteries that anyone can buy. It includes Acid inside is constructed with Absorbed Glass Mat technology. People who like a clean environment can choose this device as it does not emit fumes or chemicals. In addition, it is a low-maintenance and spillproof battery. it comes with an 18-month warranty with a 30-day refund window and durable, resistant to vibration, and well designed.

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Our Top Pick: Chrome Battery Yb16cl-Bs Jet Ski Battery

Our Research

  • Researched Source: 34
  • Hours Researched: 26 
  • Experts Interviewed: 13
  • Consumers Review: 135

Why This Is Best?

  1. Voltage [V]: 12 Volts
  2. Amperage [AH]: 19     
  3. CCA: 240 A
  4. Reserve Capacity: 28 Min
  5. Vibration Resistant: Yes
  6. Watt: 228 W       
  7. Warranty: 18 Months
13 Experts Interview Result of Battery For Jet Ski

Top 05 Battery For Jet Ski Comparison Table

To reduce your worries and search time, we’ve highlighted some of the best battery for jet ski. These batteries are the best and have some amazing features and technology that you won’t find from any brand.



Chrome Battery YB16CL-BS Jet Ski Battery

Odyssey PC625 Powersports Battery

Mighty Max Battery YB16CL-B Gel 12V 19AH

Caltric Agm Battery Compatible With Seadoo Gtx

Voltage [V]

12 Volts

12 volts

12 volts

12 volts

12 volts

Amperage [AH]

18  19 18 19 18

Cold Crank Amps [A]






Reserve Capacity [Minutes]

36 28 36 38 36

Vibration Resistant







216 228 216 228 216

Item weight [lb]




13. 85


Product Dimensions

6.89 x 3.43 x 6.1 inches

6.9 x 3.9 x 6.8 inches

6.7 x 3.9 x 6.89 inches

6.75 x 3.81 x 6.81 inches

6 7/8, 3 7/16″  6 1/8″


18 Month

18 Month

2 years


What Are The Best Battery For Jet Ski?

Here are some of the best battery for jet ski we found:

1. Ytx20l-Bs High Performance Power Sports Battery


  • Voltage [V]: 12 Volts
  • Amperage [AH]: 18 AH
  • CCA: 270 A
  • Reserve Capacity [Minutes]: 36 Min
  • Vibration Resistant: Yes
  • Watt: 216 W
  • Item weight[ Pounds]: 13.9 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 6.89 x 3.43 x 6.1 inches
  • Warranty: 18 Month

This brand is widely known for its exceptional performance, reliability, and durability. It comes with an amazing design that fits in numerous applications such as jet skis, motorcycles, ATVs. Etc. Here are some features you will be amazed to find in this battery.

Incredible technology

The manufacturers of this battery use modern technologies such as the absorbed glass mat and the patented innovation of sealed posts. These technology and features are integrated to secure acid inside, prevent spillage and corrosion, and extend battery life. It also means you don’t have to add any water. Thanks to its lead-calcium technology, this battery can hold gravitational energy up to three times longer than some conventional units.

Amazing performance

To handle and ride through the tough terrains, this model yields a voltage of 12V and 18 amps-per-hour. This is more than enough to handle this rough situation without experiencing any problem. The cold-cranking performance of 270 is entirely satisfactory and great.

Compact and lightweight

This battery is compact and lightweight, for example, it measures 6/9 “x 3/3” x 6/1 “and 13.9 pounds, respectively, making it one of the lightest and most compact products in our review.

Easy to charge

Unlike most brands on the market, this model is not charged. It shipped dry, but manufacturers include corrosion containers. Anyway, the filling process is very easy and customers won’t have a problem with it.

2. Chrome Battery Yb16cl-Bs Jet Ski Battery


  • Voltage [V]: 12 Volts
  • Amperage [AH]: 19 AH
  • CCA: 240 A
  • Reserve Capacity [Minutes]: 28 Min
  • Vibration Resistant: Yes
  • Watt: 228 W
  • Item weight [Pounds]: 6.63 lb
  • Product Dimensions: 6.9 x 3.9 x 6.8 inches
  • warranty: 18 Month

The YB16CL-BS marine battery comes from “Chrome Battery”. It’s one of the cheapest models on the market and has the latest features (see below):

Versatile fit

This AGM rechargeable battery is compact and suitable for many applications such as ATVs, motorcycles, jet skis, etc. The patented sealed post technology prevents spillage, corrosion, frequent maintenance, and increases longer lifespan. For those people who are asking if it’s fully charged when it arrives. Yes.  the battery is fully charged and ready to be installed. It is light as it weighs 9.7 pounds.

Cutting edge technology

Thanks to the absorbed glass mat and the patented sealed post feature, users cannot encounter spills, corrosion, high maintenance requirements, or reduced durability.

Simple application

This battery is fully charged when it comes. This means that it is ready to use at any time and your jet ski can be started without any problem. With its compact design, it fits in any system and performs amazingly in cold temperatures. It can also accommodate top-mounted cables and consists of two different bolts and nuts for the battery posts.

3. Odyssey Pc625 Powersports Battery


  • Voltage [V]: 12 Volts
  • Amperage [AH]: 18 AH
  • CCA: 220 A
  • Reserve Capacity [Minutes]: 36 Min
  • Vibration Resistant: Yes
  • Watt: 216 W
  • Item weight[ pounds]: 13.2
  • Product Dimensions: 6.7 x 3.9 x 6.89 inches
  • Warranty: 2 Years

Most vehicle models, such as jet skis, motorcycles, ATVs, and snowmobiles, require a lot of power to operate. To do this, they need a stable and more powerful battery. And for your convenience, this battery pack is one of the best and most recommended. It has some notable features as highlighted below

Longer life cycle

If you compare this battery with the old models, this battery has a longer lifespan. This ensures maximum ease of use and fewer replacements.

Faster recharge

This battery has one of the fastest charge rates. As a result, a buyer can get a battery that is easy to charge and has more time while the jet ski is charging to ensure they don’t have to stop playing for hours.

Vibration resistance and durable

The design of this device is ideal and solid. This means that it can prevent shock, vibration, and high temperature. This will give you longer battery life that will work in different environments and with certain types of charge.

4. Mighty Max Battery Yb16cl-B Gel 12v 19ah Battery


  • Voltage [V]: 12 Volts
  • Amperage [AH]: 19 AH
  • CCA: 250 A
  • Reserve Capacity [Minutes]: 38 Min
  • Vibration Resistant: Yes
  • Watt: 228 W
  • Item weight[ pounds]: 13. 85 lb
  • Product Dimensions: 6.75 x 3.81 x 6.81
  • Warranty: N/A

The Battery is an excellent selection for those individuals searching for a GEL model. It’s one of the most reliable and effective battery since its couple with great features and design.

Solid design

The battery is fully charged and has a GEL design. This means that this model is easy to maintain and can function for a long time with minimal errors. In addition, it has excellent CCA, which means that it can work very well in cold weather. As a result, at the end of the season, a user can remove it from their jet ski and place it in their snow machine if they so wish.

Remarkable performance and durability

This battery is well built and can be mounted in any position. It is resistant to vibration and shock. Because it’s designed by well-trained professionals, it’s durable and can work great even in cold weather.

Easy to maintain

You don’t need an acid pack with this battery and you don’t need to add acid water. However, if you want to increase the shelf life, you can add electrolytes. In addition, it is easy to install and because it is vibration-proof, you can mount it in any position.

Environment friendly

A notable feature that leads many people to use this battery is its environmental friendliness. No fumes are emitted into the environment and users are guaranteed a safe and clean environment during charging. In addition, it is used in various applications such as UTV and motorcycles.

5. Caltric Agm Battery Compatible


  • Voltage [V]: 12 Volts
  • Amperage [AH]: 18 AH
  • CCA: 270 A
  • Reserve Capacity [Minutes]: 36 Min
  • Vibration Resistant: Yes
  • Watt: 216 W
  • Item weight[ Pounds]: 13.5
  • Product Dimensions: 6 7/8, 3 7/16″  6 1/8″6.81 inches
  • Warranty: N/A

The Caltric AGM has proven to be a good battery for people looking for a solid and durable battery. It has been well designed by highly skilled engineers and as is shown below, it’s packed with the latest features and technology.

It’s flexible

This battery can be used in various GTX models, such as 1995-1997 Limited, 1998-1999 Limited, 1998-2001 RFI, 2000, 2000 DI 2000, 2001 GTX DI North America, and GTX International.

Modern technology

The AGM technology is unique and prevents any spillage or corrosion.

It’s budget-friendly

Since it’s affordable, any person can afford this solid and amazing battery.

Durable and easy to maintain

In addition to the incredible lifespan, this brand also requires minimal maintenance for a whole year. If you plan to recharge it, you will be amazed at how quick and easy it can be done.

What To Look For The Best Battery For Jet Ski?  

Read your user manual

The user manual is important. It helps to check what type of battery is needed for your jet ski. The manual shows the correct size and type of battery required for the watercraft. It also indicates the various important functions that are required if you are looking to purchase a new battery for your watercraft.

Find the right size battery

It is important to choose the best battery pack for jet skis. You want to make sure you buy a battery that will easily fit your watercraft. A battery that is too large or small a battery can seriously damage other parts of the system if you try to force it in. Loose connections and mobility can also arise during use. Buying the perfect battery for your jet ski is a priority that can be ignored. Always check the battery size in your user manual to determine the correct type of battery.

Consider Cold-cranking amps

CCA fully stands for Cold Cranking Amps (CCA). This is the battery’s ability to operate in cold climates. Typically, the higher the CCA, the more efficiently the model operates in cold weather.

Price of the battery

Price is one of the most important factors that many people consider. The higher the price, the better the battery will perform, but in general, you can still find a battery that is cheap and works well. So whenever you buy a battery, try to find a model that fits your budget and performs well.

Care and Maintenance of the battery

There are many maintenance tips to look for to keep your battery long and working its best. The most important care tips are regular cleaning, pre-ride, after-ride, wintering, and frequent maintenance. Beyond these errands, always take good care of your model, especially when it is no longer in use.

Choose the battery with Reserve Capacity

RC refers to the amount of time required for the jet ski to operate without the engine running out or before discharge. When the battery has a higher RC, it assists your jet Ski run through rough terraces like non-compliant engines, alternator issues, and accidentally turning the lights on.

Battery life

This is the most important consideration that must also be taken into account. Always check the battery service. Battery life is generally estimated in cycles, and most jet skis offer a life of between 500 and 1200 cycles. Usually buying a long-lasting battery doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money on replacements, but the battery is also solid enough to ensure a long life regardless of the subject.

How To Change Your Jet Ski Battery?

Step: 1

Go to your Jet Ski seat and locate the battery. Or you can check as per the manufactures’ guidelines. Find the battery at the back of the Jet Ski.

Step: 2

Loosen the bolts that are holding the battery holder with a bracket using a spanner or as directed in the manufacturer’s manual. Loosen the hold-down bracket.

Step: 3

Next, find the rubber cap and flip it back from the negative battery terminal. Use an ideal screwdriver to loosen the screw that links the negative terminal to the battery cable. Lift the battery cable

Step: 4

Now go to the positive terminal, find the rubber cap and flip it over. Open the screw that connects the positive terminal to the battery cable with a screwdriver. Remove the battery cable.

Step: 5

Wear the gloves and carefully remove the battery from its housing.

Step: 6

Be sure to clean the terminal with a bristle brush and replace damaged terminals or wires. Put the new battery in the case and cover the terminals with white lithium grease to prevent water and oxidation. Next, connect the cables in the reverse direction you removed them from the old battery. Link the red clamp and then the black clamp. Connect the newly reconfigured batteries and utilize a charge specified for deep cycle charges. You may check the details with your user’s manual. An excellent charger can assist you to avoid overcharging or undercharging errors that can eliminate your batteries. When the new battery is fully charged, remove the charger and close the battery compartment.

How Do I Know If My Jet Ski Battery Is Bad?

Slow to start

If your watercraft doesn’t start quickly, it could be a sign of a battery problem. After all, the battery is the backbone of the jet ski. It provides the watercraft with enough power to get it started. If the power is insufficient, it is indicated. There is a high probability that it will not work next time. Therefore, it is important to keep checking and changing the battery as soon as the watercraft starts slowly.

The battery case bulges

When the temperatures are high or low, it can lead to the battery bulging out. The outcome is that the battery inside the case will dry and in the end, it will require to be changed. This is one battery issue that is quick to see since it’s the swelling can be noticed. Therefore, the owner can quickly replace the battery when this problem occurs.

Odd smell

If you are experiencing a strange smell with your battery, it may be a problem with your battery. This could be due to a battery leak that produces an unpleasant odor. This problem not only requires changing the battery, but it can affect other parts of the engine as well, as sulfuric acid in the battery can attack the parts of the jet ski.


This problem usually occurs in old batteries due to a leak. The battery terminals, the two metal sections that protrude out of the top of the battery can collect some type of crusty white substance around them. This rust can impact the battery’s capability to channel power successfully and result in low voltage problems and difficulty beginning your jet ski. Sometimes a problem with corrosion might be repaired with simply a cable brush to clean the terminals to get them back in working order again. In case it’s caused by a spillage in the battery, you will properly require to replace the battery.

How to find the age of your Jet Ski?

The process is simple. All you have to do is check the back of the hull, and see the year. To starboard on the right, you will notice a series of numbers that will definitely be your HIN. The year is usually the last two digits you see. The EIN is usually located on the engine block, either near the PTO side or in front of the MAG side.

Marine Battery Take Care And Maintenance Tips

Give it some cool time

Whenever you need to use and recharge your battery, it’s also great to give the battery some time to rest and sit idle until it cools down. If you put the battery in your watercraft immediately, there is a risk that it will be damaged and you will no longer be able to take full advantage of its capabilities. Since a large amount of heat is generated during the charging process, severe corrosion can occur if the operating rights are subsequently activated, leading to total battery failure.

Get one that is sufficient

Make sure you choose a good quality marine battery that will work well and can handle any task on your jet ski. Many commercially available batteries tend to discharge quickly and are insufficient to provide power to your jet ski. So be sure to choose a battery with important properties like a higher CCA so that it can run hot or cold all season long. Also, choose a starter battery for your motor and trolling motor accessories. It’s great to buy a higher starting battery power so a person can disconnect the electronics from the trolling motor. Lots of amazing batteries are available online.

Chargeless during the early days

Charging the battery can be easier if you use the correct type of charger. If you value convenience, be sure to choose a charger with an automatic shut-off button. This is a great way to ensure your model is fully charged without going overboard. There is a risk of explosion if you overcharge the battery. Even if the battery doesn’t explode, the heat will reduce its ability to hold a full charge and must be replaced immediately.

Avoid charging it wet

One precaution that you should take is not to charge the battery when it is wet. In general, water is not a good conductor of electricity. So when you touch an appliance with water, the current flows quickly through you.

Use of voltmeter

This device can capture additional details such as temperature changes. The electrical potential difference between two nodes in a circuit can also be measured.

Keep your battery clean

Many of the batteries available on the market have a tendency to build up acid on the posts and terminals over time. It occurs faster if the battery is introduced into moisture. This can lead to debilitation and poor performance.


A good battery is one of the most important purchases for your valuable jet ski. If your ignition doesn’t turn on, nothing happens. A cheap, random battery might seem like a good idea at first, but it can crash when you need it most. The last thing you want is to be broken down along the way. Buying the best battery for Jet Ski can be more expensive, but it can also go a long way towards meeting your needs and is well worth the investment. We hope that by using our jet ski review, you will get one of the best jet ski batteries for your jet ski and one that can supply enough power.

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