Best Battery For Winch (Buyers Guide 2022)

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Winch operations draw immense power. You need a reliable battery that can withstand the required high-performance and power draws. The reviews below help you pick the right one that can sustain the short-term and long-term winching operations. 

When looking for an ideal battery for a winch it’s been normal to ask yourself, what is the best battery for winch? We recommend Odyssey PC925L-P Powersport Battery as it can handle the pressure a winch operation brings and provide adequate power to sustain the operation. The battery gives you twice more power and has a longer lifespan. To sustain your winch operation, you need a reliable and dependable battery like Odyssey PC925L-P Powersport.

Best Battery For Electric Winch: Odyssey PC925L-P Powersport Battery

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Our Top Pick: Odyssey PC925L-P Powersport Battery

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Why This Is Best?

  1. Voltage [V]: 12
  2. Crank Amps [A]: 900
  3. Cold Crank Amps [A]: 330
  4. Reserve Capacity [Min]: 53
  5. Vibration Resistant:  Yes
  6. Mount Capacity: Yes
  7. Group Size: 31
  8. Item Weight: 26 lb
  9. Warranty: 2-3 Year
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Top 05 Winch Battery Comparison Table


Odyssey PC925L-P

Odyssey 31M-PC2150ST-M

Uasa YUAM620BH

XS Power D6500 XS

Odyssey Batteries 34R-PC1500T

Voltage [V]






Crank Amps [A]






Cold Crank Amps [A]






Reserve Capacity [Minutes]






Vibration Resistant






Mount Capacity






Group Size






Item Weight [pounds]






Product Dimensions [inches]






Warranty [Year]



1 1/2



What Are The Best Battery For Winch?

Here are some of the best battery for winch we found:

1. Best Battery For Electric Winch: Odyssey PC925L-P Powersport Battery
2. Best Battery For Boat Trailer Winch: Odyssey 31M-PC2150ST-M TROLLING Thunder Marine Battery
3. Best ATV Battery For Winch: Yuasa YUAM620BH YTX20HL-BS Battery, One Size
4. Best Battery For 12000 Pound Winch: XS Power D6500 XS Series 12V 3,900 Amp AGM High Output Battery 
5. Best Battery For Jeep Wrangler With Winch: Odyssey Batteries 34R-PC1500T Automotive and Van Battery

1. Best Battery For Electric Winch: Odyssey PC925L-P Powersport Battery


  • Voltage [V]: 12
  • Crank Amps [A]: 900
  • Cold Crank Amps [A]: 330
  • Reserve Capacity [Minutes]: 53
  • vibration resistant[Yes/No]:  Yes
  • Mount capacity [Yes/No]: Yes
  • Group Size: 31
  • Item Weight [pounds]: 26
  • Product Dimensions [inches]: 6.5×4.91×6.88
  • Warranty [Year]: 2-3

Most ATVs don’t have batteries that can properly handle the amp a winch draws. An upgrade is necessary to power the winch. Odyssey PC925L-P can withstand constant pounding coming with rough terrain. This is why it’s the best battery for electric winch. The battery has a rough construction and tightly packed with pure lead plates.  

It has a non-spillable AGM design that protects it from vibration and shocks which can damage the battery. Using pure lead plates increases the battery power. You get twice more power and three times longer battery life than conventional batteries. The battery gives you 400 cycles at just 80% depth of discharge.   

It’s made in the USA with superior craftsmanship, high-quality parts and vigorously tested. You enjoy a longer service life of 3-10 years. Odyssey PC925L-P saves consumers aggravation, time, and money. The longer shelf life means you can store it in an open circuit for 2 years without having to recharge the battery.

It has a faster recharge of 100% in 4-6 hours which is the highest in the market. The recharge efficiency is the best for a sealed lead battery. The 2 batteries in one characteristic mean it can deep cycle while giving you greater cranking power.   

The battery has great mounting flexibility except inverted. It can tolerate extreme temperatures and operate in -40 degrees 

2. Best Battery For Boat Trailer Winch: Odyssey 31M-PC2150ST-M TROLLING Thunder Marine Dual Purpose Battery


  • Voltage [V]: 12
  • Crank Amps [A]: 1150
  • Cold Crank Amps [A]: 1000
  • Reserve Capacity [Minutes]: 205
  • vibration resistant[Yes/No]:  Yes
  • Mount capacity [Yes/No]: Yes
  • Group Size: 31
  • Item Weight [pounds]: 77.8
  • Product Dimensions [inches]: 13×6.8×9.41
  • Warranty [Year]: 3-4

Odyssey 31M-PC2150ST-M has a massive starting power with extreme durability. The heavy-duty battery can power the vehicle and your winch, making it the right choice and the best battery for boat trailer winch. It produces up to 400 cycles and maintains a stable voltage for an extended time. It has a larger surface area of pure virgin lead plates delivering maximum power.  

It gives you a strong starting current making it unbeatable in power and performance. The AGM battery is vibration resistant and non-spillable making it an all-in-all powerful and highly productive battery. With a CCA of 1000 and CAA of 1150, it stands above group 31.  

The AGM design protects you from acid spills. You can mount it in any position as opposed to traditional acid batteries. Also, it’s easy to install and comes with a battery box for keeping it safe. The box protects it against temperature variations and cracks.   

Odyssey 31M-PC2150ST-M is a dual-purpose battery with the highest recharge efficiency of 4-6 hours to achieve a full charge. The battery performs well and can handle extreme temperature drops of minus 40 degrees. It’s a great investment and comes with a 3-4 years warranty

3. Best ATV Battery For Winch: Yuasa YUAM620BH YTX20HL-BS Battery, One Size


  • Voltage [V]: 12
  • Crank Amps [A]: 800
  • Cold Crank Amps [A]: 310
  • Reserve Capacity [Minutes]: 74
  • vibration resistant[Yes/No]:  Yes
  • Mount capacity [Yes/No]: Yes
  • Group Size: 31
  • Item Weight [pounds]: 13
  • Product Dimensions [inches]: 6.88×3.44×6.19
  • Warranty [Year]: 1 1/2

The battery is constructed with AGM technology and lead calcium-alloy to give you full maintenance-free operation. It’s a high-performance battery manufactured using high-quality materials making it the best ATV battery for winch you will ever come across. Also, it’s rigorously tested and is 100% safety compliant and OEM compatible.   

Uasa YUAM620BH YTX20HL-BS gives you optimal performance and effectiveness. The 310CCA at 12volts is a good performance for a sealed gm battery. The AGM separator gives you a superior design with no leaks, spills, and need for water checks.   
The patented sealed post gives you extended battery life with no fears of corrosion. The battery is extreme shock and vibration resistant, giving you maximum conductivity. It comes ready for use and has a low self-discharge rate with high cranking amps.  

The battery comes with bolts inclusive and is 100% recyclable, making it environment-friendly. It ships ready for use and comes fully charged, complete with the install instruction manual. Other accessories include unique terminal hardware for proper installation.   

The terminal hardware includes 2 bolts and 2 spacers for cable to terminal connection. Use the hardware as other hardware may damage the terminals, so it’s not advised. The spacers are for side mount cable installation.

4. Best Battery For 12000 Pound Winch: XS Power D6500 XS Series 12V 3,900 Amp AGM High Output Battery with M6 Terminal Bolt


  • Voltage [V]: 12
  • Crank Amps [A]: 1100
  • Cold Crank Amps [A]: 900
  • Reserve Capacity [Minutes]: 174
  • vibration resistant[Yes/No]:  Yes
  • Mount capacity [Yes/No]: Yes
  • Group Size: 65
  • Item Weight [pounds]: 58.3
  • Product Dimensions [inches]: 24.41×11.8×6.8
  • Warranty [Year]: 2

XS Power D6500 gives you the juice to enjoy high performance, exactly what is needed in the best battery for 12000-pound winch. The deep cycle battery is a viable replacement for your car battery and comfortably powers your winch. You can use the battery for other applications like hydraulics and high-performance sound systems.   

The AGM technology incorporates special glass fiber containing the acid electrolyte between those lead plates. It’s better than a standard liquid design. AGM design is leakproof and has a non-hazardous configuration that makes it durable. It can last longer than ordinary replacement batteries if you charge it properly.  

The batteries store energy efficiently and you don’t need a capacitor to give you a quick burst. The leakproof design means no corrosion fears. It lacks external vents and you can mount the battery in your passenger compartment, inside the glove box, or below the seat.  

XS Power D6500 guarantees you extreme vibration resistance and performs without skipping a beat. You get 3900 maximum amps with 75amp-hours capacity. It comes with accessories for the secure and easy installation of the new battery.

5. Best Battery For Jeep Wrangler With Winch: Odyssey Batteries 34R-PC1500T Automotive/Light Truck and Van Battery


  • Voltage [V]: 12
  • Crank Amps [A]: 1500
  • Cold Crank Amps [A]: 880
  • Reserve Capacity [Minutes]: 155
  • vibration resistant[Yes/No]:  Yes
  • Mount capacity [Yes/No]: Yes
  • Group Size: 31
  • Item Weight [pounds]: 49.5
  • Product Dimensions [inches]: 10.85×6.76×7.82
  • Warranty [Year]: 3-4

It may not be as powerful as the 31M-PC2150ST-M dual-purpose battery reviewed earlier, but the battery offers exceptional performance.  It’s regarded as one of the best battery for Jeep Wrangler with winch because it offers tremendous power needed for a winch operation. 34R-PC1500T is sturdy and delivers up to 880 CA, which is excellent. It has a longer shelf life of 2 years. This means you can keep it for 2 years without recharging it and it will still function.

34R-PC1500T is a dual-purpose battery and is maintenance-free. The battery is both leak-free and spill-free, making it an excellent choice for your vehicle and winching. The new battery features a sealed design and can be mounted at any angle.  

It functions well even in extreme temperatures, making it a great option for marine use too. 34R-PC1500T has a reserve capacity of 135 minutes, making it ideal for multiple applications like the ground and maritime applications.   

The heavy-duty battery comfortably powers all the gadgets in the vehicle including the winch and maintains a stable voltage for longer periods. It delivers a strong starting current and maximum power enough to sustain your operations.   

It has a high recharge efficiency of 400 cycles in 4-6 hours, making it an ideal choice for heavy-duty operations. 34R-PC1500T is easy to transport as it comes with carrying handles. You get a 3-4 years warranty, which is ideal, reliable and convenient in case there are problems.

What To Look For The Best Battery For Winch? 

Before you make the buying decision, look at the following features on your battery specification. Understand the features as they are vital to your battery performance. If you want high performance and more power, then you must pick a battery with the right features that can sustain your power needs.   

Consider the following things before you buy any battery in the market. Your winch will operate effectively when it has enough power.  

Ready the user manual

The user manual has all the details on the 12volt battery and other features to expect. It also explains how to install and use the battery to power your vehicle. You learn about the care and maintenance tips that will help extend your battery lifespan. Familiarize yourself with the detailed instructions and information in the user manual to have a good grasp of what the battery can do for you.   

Choose the right battery size

There are three types; starting battery, dual-purpose battery, and deep cycle batteries. Starting batteries are only suited for starting engines and motors. Deep cycle batteries deliver power in low amps and last longer. The dual cycle batteries can perform multiple functions such as starting the engine and act as a dual purpose battery.   

However, dual-purpose batteries are not suited for larger water vessels, but work best on smaller boats, trucks, and trolling motors. You can also use them for winch operations.

Reserve capacity

Pick a battery with ample reserve capacity. A reserve capacity is the number of minutes your battery runs before the charge or voltage falls below the minimum. Never let your battery fall below the minimum because it affects the battery efficiency and lifespan.  

Age of the battery

Older batteries like 4years and above have difficulties retaining charge and need to be recharged more frequently than new batteries. When replacing a battery, do it with a new battery to give you high performance. As batteries age, the performance reduces and it’s difficult to start the engine.  

The battery CCA

Crank cramping amps or CCA is a power rating of the starting power of the battery. It shows the number of amperes your battery delivers in 30 seconds at less than 7.2 volts at zero degrees Fahrenheit. The engine requires at least 300 CCA to start, considered the bare minimum. So, having a higher CCA the better for you and your operations.

Price of the battery

The cost will always remain a vital issue when buying batteries. The choice of a battery depends on features and affordability. Some battery companies sell accessories differently from the battery. Therefore, factor in the price of the accessories and pick one that fits your needs and is within your affordable price range.   

While it’s better to get high-performance batteries, your budget will dictate what you can buy and what is beyond reach. Compare the different prices of the batteries with your winch power requirements and pick the ideal option. The guiding factor is the type of winch you have installed as it dictates the power needed for winch operations.   

Care and maintenance of the battery
Some batteries are maintenance-free, if you buy such you are better off as it saves your maintenance headaches. Maintenance-free batteries are the best to buy as they only need careful handling. The batteries don’t need adding water and most have Gell Cells which is more efficient.   

However, you need to handle batteries that are not maintenance-free carefully to avoid exposure to toxic gasses produced. Also, routinely check the voltage and add water. Never add acid as it’s the only water that gets used up and not the acid.   

Winch Battery Replacement Procedure

If you frequently use your inch, then the battery may need replacing because it gets depleted fast. Sometimes it’s good to carry along a separate battery. Some people mount an auxiliary battery within the engine compartment when there is still space.   

The condition and age of the battery may make it necessary to replace it when it’s more giving you sufficient power. Light duty winches can operate with the battery power in your truck.  

Step 1: switch off all electrical power usage

Switch off gadgets using power and turn off other accessories like radio and wait for two minutes. The purpose is to ensure you are not handling live current, which causes electric shocks. When there is nothing using the battery power, it means you are safe to handle it with your hands.  

Step 2: Disconnect the terminals

Disconnect the terminals starting with the negative than the positive. Carefully remove the wires and place them in a safe place.   

Step 3: unhook the battery

Unhook the battery from the hardware to remove it. Do this safely to ensure you are not causing damage to it as it contains toxic gases inside whether or not sealed.  

Step 4: put the new battery and hook it

Use the terminal manual to hook the new battery. Observe polarity to ensure there are no issues.   
Step 5: wire the new battery

Wire everything up according to the battery user manual or initially done. If it’s the second battery, ensure you observe the series or parallel connection to ensure the current is flowing normally.  

Step 6: test the winch

Test the battery power by operating the winch to see if there is sufficient power flowing. Winches have different power requirements, which is one consideration when picking the right battery replacement. If everything is okay, it means the replacement was successful and everything is connected properly.

How Can You Prevent The Winch From Prematurely Draining The Battery?

It may surprise you how quickly the winch is draining your battery. Everything may work exactly as it is supposed to, but the battery drain is at a higher rate posing problems. When your battery drains quicker than normal, it means something is wrong.

Sometimes your winch operates for 20 or 30 seconds continuously, then the battery is dead. This shows that your battery no longer has the power to operate your winch. ATV winches draw more power when under a full load more than the charging system can provide. The charging system provides roughly 25amps.

The winch can run effectively all day when there is no load, as your ATV maintains the battery’s state of charge. Winching hard pulls over a short time-frame drains the battery as the charging system contribution is almost negligible.   

Examine the battery CCA rating

CCA rating tells you the amperage the battery provides for 30 seconds while maintaining at least 7.2 volts. If the CCA rating is sufficient, it means your winch operation shouldn’t be having issues and can run for a minute or more pulling a full load. It also shows that the battery size can withstand such a power draw.   

Increase the battery size

A bigger capacity winch needs more power as it has a bigger electric motor. It’s harder to draw more power that is not there if you are using a smaller battery. A bigger battery ensures the winch has sufficient power hence doesn’t prematurely drain it.

How Hard The Winch Operates

Be smarter when performing a winch operation. Winches irrespective of size pull harder. Spooling the winch cable use less power than when your winch is working full capacity. Allow enough rest time between pulls if you are handling a bigger load. It helps prevent prematurely draining the battery.  
Monitor winch activation time

Battery drains quickly if the winch is activates for long. The winch draws twice as much power as a 10 second session if you activate it for 20 seconds. Therefore, activate the winch only when ready to pull the load to reduce power drain.   

Allow winching breaks

Continuous winching drains the battery quickly. Allow enough time for the charging system to charge your battery back up before pulling again. Allow a few minutes before each pull to provide sufficient charge.  
Get a higher battery capacity

A minimum of 12Ah battery is ideal for 2500lb. A higher battery capacity allows longer winch operation before the battery voltage drops.

Ensure the battery is fully charged

A fully charged winch battery lasts longer and operates the winch pill longer and efficiently. Factor in outside temperatures like most batteries are less effective in cold temperature conditions.

To Make Use Of A Winch, What Battery Size Do I Need? 

A group 31 or group 48 battery is the ideal size for winch operations. For efficient winch operations, consider adding an extra battery as it allows your batteries to focus on winching and not multitasking. Also, you can jump the other battery when necessary and even swap cables from one battery to the other. 





Minimum Winch Size

Battery size



Pickup Truck

4,800 lbs

8,000 lbs

Group 31




5,330 lbs

8,000 lbs

Group 31




5,350 lbs

8,000 lbs

Group 31




5,600 lbs

9,500 lbs

Group 31



FJ Cruiser

5,570 lbs

9,500 lbs

Group 31



F250 Supercab 4×4

10,000 lbs

15,000 lbs

Group 48



4 door Wrangler Rubicon

5,600 lbs

9,500 lbs

Group 31



4 door Wrangler Rubicon

5,000 lbs

8,000 lbs

Group 31

When your winch uses higher amperage, it relies on the battery as the power reservoir. The battery gives you the needed power or amperage by using the reserves. The alternator contributes small by filling the battery back up once you stop winching. 

Upgrade your existing battery to one with a higher reserve capacity. If your winch frequently, then consider dual batteries to give you enough reserve power for the winch operation. 

How Much Power Does A Winch Draw?

A winch that draws 400amps when in use can drain a battery flat in a short time. The amperage the winch draws largely depends on the load you have and how long the winch operation takes. With no load, a 9000-pound winch only draws 60-70amps. However, under load, it draws 250amps when under a 4000-pound pull and 480amps when under 9000-pound pull.

To find the power your winch draws, simply enter the value in the amps to horsepower calculator below:

Amps = _(HP x 746W) / winch Efficiency x V

Where HP = horsepower, V = volts, W = watts, and Winch Efficiency is the percentage of how efficient your winch is.

The specs you see on the winch are based on performance at optimum situations. The truth is that your winch is likely to draw more power or amps than listed on the specifications. On the field, amp draw is affected by hurdles which make the winch strain even harder, drawing more power. 


When choosing the best battery for winch, ensure it meets the requirements discussed above. Pick a trusted brand and make.  

We recommend Odyssey PC925L-P Powersport Battery as the first choice because it has the best features. Also, the company has maintained a high level of trust in the market for years. Safety and maintenance are vital considerations that ensure you enjoy the convenience and efficient operation.  

It’s exhausting doing research and shopping for the right battery for a winch. The choices and review above will help you settle on a high-performance battery that delivers the power you need for your winch operation. Try to examine the features as per your winch requirements to ensure you never get it wrong. 



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