How Long To Charge A Marine Battery?

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Marine batteries are a key component of how boats work. They provide power to the boat’s systems and, if they don’t have enough power, you could be left stranded on the water with no way to get back home. To avoid this situation, it is important that you know how long it takes for your marine battery to charge up again after being discharged completely.

So, how long to charge a marine battery? A charger with 15 amps, for instance, will take about two hours to fully charge a battery at an average of a 25% discharge value. It may take six hours for a five-amp charger.

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We can find out a lot of interesting information from the internet. We have just found out that charging a marine battery is more difficult than you might think, but it is also very important to know how long to charge one before using it. It would be best for boaters and others who use them on a regular basis if they had the time to read this article and learn what we’ve discovered about charging marine batteries and how long they should take to fully charge up.  

  • How Long To Charge A New Marine Battery? A manual charger should have the charge time extended to 3 hours. An automatic charger needs to be unplugged and reconnected after completing a full charge; otherwise, it will go back into standby mode and stop charging your battery.
  • How Long To Charge A 12v Marine Battery? A 12V & 105AH battery can take about 10 hours to be fully charged if it is going at a rate of C/10, 20 hours for the slowest charge speed of C/20. Battery damage occurs with higher amperage rates in most cases such as those that are faster than 1 amp or more per hour.
  • How Long To Charge A Marine Battery At 4 Amps? This means that it would take 25 hours to refill the needed 100 amp-hours of the battery. If we were charging this at a rate of 04 amps.
  • How Long To Charge A Marine Battery At 15 Amps? If we were charging this battery at a rate of 15 amps, it would take approximately 07 hours to refill the needed 100 amp-hours.
  • How Long To Charge A Marine Battery At 40 Amps? When you’re in a hurry, it’s tempting to charge your car battery at 40 amps for longer than 2 hours. But that can be dangerous and should only happen in short bursts- too much will result in an explosion. On the other hand, if we were charging this battery at a rate of 40 amps, it would take 2.5 hours to charge enough power for a 100 Ah battery.
  • How Long To Charge A Marine Battery At 2 Amps? When a deep cycle battery is discharged, it can take around 50 hours to charge. But depending on the size of your deep cycle battery, this could be very different. For example, if you have a 12-volt 100 amp-hour depth solar system and want to charge at 2 amps per day then that would only require more than 1 week.
  • How Long To Charge A Marine Battery At 10 Amps? You will need to charge your 150 Ah battery for up to 15 hours in order for it to be fully charged, as you can only put 10 Amps into the battery every hour.

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How to Calculate the Battery Charging Time?

Boat batteries are a major concern for boaters. In order to calculate how long it will take a battery to charge, you need an idea about the size of your battery and what types of voltage/amps output are needed in order to fully recharge the said battery.

The size of the battery is measured in ampere-hours (AH). The higher you’re AH, the longer it will take to recharge.

Now, I am going to give you a simple calculation formula for calculating the battery charging time.

Formula: How Long To Charge A Marine Battery = battery’s amp hour rating/charger output in amps. (Ah/A)

For example, if you have a 60AH battery and your charging current is 20A, it will take about 12 hours to recharge the said battery (60/20=12).        


We hope that this post has helped you better understand how long it takes to charge a marine battery. If you have any questions about anything we’ve discussed, please feel free to reach out! Our experts are here for you and would be happy to answer your inquiries.


Can you use a trickle charger on a marine battery?

Charging a battery can be dangerous because it generates heat, which is why trickle chargers are so important. Trickle chargers don’t produce excess heat during the standard charging process and they prevent Internal materials from breaking down too quickly when compared to other types of batteries.

Can you overcharge a marine battery?

When overcharged, batteries may experience a phenomenon called boiling or percolating acid. This can lead to the battery becoming damaged and unusable completely.

Should I leave my boat battery charger on all the time?

No, this will not damage your batteries if you leave the charger plugged in for long periods of time like storage. However, it is important to check the electrolyte level approximately every 30 days.


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