How to Charge Bluetooth Speaker without Charger?

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How to charge Bluetooth speaker without charger? This is a question that many people ask themselves. The answer might seem like it could be simple, but in reality, there are several ways how you can charge your Bluetooth speaker without the need for a charger. We will discuss how to do this in this article and how it’s possible to do it.

There are few ways to charge Bluetooth speakers without a charger. Charging via the USB port of your computer is one option, but it would require you to always have your speaker hooked up to your monitor or laptop. You can also charge via USB cables connected with an AC/Wall adapter which usually comes standard with your phone charger.

There are many reasons why the charger in your Bluetooth speaker may not work.

If you do not know which one, try them all.

How to charge Bluetooth speaker without the charger?

How Bluetooth speakers are amazing because they allow you to listen to your favorite music anywhere, anytime. But there’s one problem with them – the battery eventually dies out and you need a way to charge it. Luckily, these speakers can be charged without the charger.

Here are some creative ways to charge your Bluetooth speaker without the charger.

Let’s get started.

  1. Use a Power Bank with Connections Built In

The first alternative is to use a power bank. Some power banks have more than one connection on it. You can plug this into the port of the speaker and then the speaker will charge. However, this only works for speakers that have a port that works.

A power bank is a small thing that can make your device work when it is out of electricity. They are more expensive and they need to be plugged in, but they are good for people who travel a lot and have different devices.

  1. Check to see if there is a wireless charging option

Sometimes, speakers have a wireless charging option. Wireless chargers are cool. They can recharge without using wires. You might need to buy one if you don’t have one already. Check your user guide to see if your speaker has this option or not. Older speakers usually don’t have the wireless charger, but newer ones do.

When you want to charge your speaker wirelessly, you can use a wireless charger or find one that you already have. You can also go to restaurants that have wireless charging pads.

  1. Use your laptop to charge

Many people wonder how to charge their speakers without a charger when they do not have a phone or a compatible charger.

Your laptop can help you charge your speaker. You can use it to charge your speaker even if they make is different. Laptops let you charge speakers because they have batteries inside them, unlike phones. The battery in a laptop can last for a long time, so you don’t need to worry about the make of the speaker.

It is easier if you have a small USB cable. It can be in your house somewhere. You just need to plug one end of the cable into the USB port on your laptop, and the other end into your Bluetooth speaker’s DC IN 5v jack. You will see that your speaker is charging when a red light comes on.

One of the reasons you might be happier using your laptop is because it is easier to carry a USB cable with you than it would be to carry an extra charger for your Bluetooth speaker.

You may have some extra micro USB cables in your house or store because you’ve been using them for a while. So, if anything happens to this one, you do not need to buy another one. These cables are also cheap.

  1. Use Your Smartphone to charge

Do you know how to charge a Bluetooth speaker with your phone? You might have heard that some wireless speakers are also power banks.

Your phone can charge other things that need a power source. You don’t need to use the charger that comes with the device; you can just plug it into your phone. Most modern phones work as power suppliers.

The size of the battery (in-built battery) determines if you can use it to charge your speakers as you listen to your favorite music for a few hours or over one day.

  1. Charge with Mobile Charger

When your Bluetooth speaker is not working, you might need to use something other than the charger that comes with it.

If you have a phone charger, you can use it to charge your Bluetooth speaker.

But if you have a power source, your phone can still be useful. If you are like most people, you do not know how to charge a speaker with a broken charging port or how to fix the broken charging port on a Bluetooth speaker.

The only downside of this method is that it will take longer than usual since your phone’s battery has less capacity than the speaker’s internal battery, so if possible try using a tablet or laptop while charging your phone with it at the same time.

  1. Use a Charger from Your Car

Imagine you are heading out to the beach or on a long road trip. You start playing your favorite music, but after an hour of jamming, your Bluetooth speaker dies! What do you do?  What if there is no way to charge it with a charger?  Don’t worry. There are some really easy solutions that may not be obvious at first glance. Here’s how to charge your Bluetooth speaker without a charger:

Use a Charger from Your Car – If you have access to another car with the same type of 12-volt battery (most cars use this type), ask for permission and pop open their hood. Take the charging adapter off the cigarette lighter plug in their car and swap it onto yours. Then, plug in your Bluetooth speaker.

Charging from a car charger is perhaps the easiest and most straightforward solution, but it only works when you have access to another car with its engine running.

  1. Charging the speaker by connecting it to an AC outlet

If you have a Bluetooth speaker that does not have a charger, you can still charge it by connecting it to an AC outlet. First, make sure the speaker is turned off. Connect the USB AC adaptor to the micro-USB cable and plug it into an outlet. The speaker will automatically start charging.

  1. Replace the Battery If Necessary

Another reason your Bluetooth speaker won’t charge is that the battery has gone bad and it will not charge at all. You can get the battery for your speaker replaced at many stores. If you have a newer speaker this might be a good investment.

If your speaker won’t charge, even with the cord, there is something wrong.

Just make sure that the problem isn’t with the charging port or cord before you do this step. If you take out the battery and recharge it, then this will not be a problem.

  1. Make Your Own Wireless Charger

Finally, you may attempt to create your own wireless charger. This is more difficult than some of the other steps, but it might be worth it if you like building things with technology. It would also probably be quicker to just buy a charger if you don’t want to take on this project.

You want to be sure that you have everything you need. You will need a speaker, an inductive charging set, a soldering tool, and a 9v battery charger. These can take some time to get, but you should be able to find them at the hardware store.

Make sure you read the steps before starting. Put the speaker on a table. Take it apart carefully, and put all of the pieces out in front of you. Your job is to get rid of the circuit board, but be careful with it because it is often a weak spot.

Be careful when using a soldering iron. You need to connect the +5V wires and 9v wires together. We don’t want to accidentally touch anything else on the board because we could hurt it.

Once you finish this, you will be able to test if your speaker can charge. If it can, make sure to tape the coil to the bottom of the case and then fit it onto the printed circuit board. This may take some time and could be touchy for a while.

Once you have done that, you will be able to charge your speaker without using a wire. Most people will find it easier to buy a new charger for their speaker at convenience stores or gas stations.

  1. Invest In a Micro USB Cord for Your speaker

One thing we would like to suggest is just getting a USB cord that you carry with you. They are easy enough to fit into your bag if you don’t want to carry it in your hand, or purchase one that looks like a keychain so it is easier for you. This will give you more opportunities, and be more convenient for you.

If you have the cord, you will be able to find a place to plug in the big end of the USB. You might want to do this at a restaurant, your laptop, or something else.

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How to Improve Your Wireless Speaker’s Battery Life?

Wireless speakers are great for listening to music, but they’re not so good when it comes to battery life.

You can’t enjoy your wireless speaker if you have to keep charging it all the time.

There’s a simple solution that will help extend the battery life of your wireless speaker and make it last longer than ever before! All you need is this one thing…

  • When you aren’t using the speaker, switch it off:

This one might not be surprising, but if you are done listening to the speaker, turn it off. Some speakers have an automatic off feature while others do not. Even if they do, make sure you turn the speaker off when you are done with it.

  • Turn on Airplane Mode:

Turn on airplane mode when your device’s battery is low and unable to power the device on. This will stop all usage from draining any battery power from your speaker, and allows it to charge at its maximum rate. Don’t forget to switch it off when you are done charging.

  • Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth:

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth should be turned off when not in use, especially if your speaker is running out of battery quickly. Some wireless speakers come with the option to switch these services on or off easily; however, some do not. You should check your user manual or contact the customer service of your wireless speaker to ask if it has the switch on/off feature.

  • Don’t leave your wireless speaker’s battery plugged in all the time:

Leaving your battery plugged in while it’s already fully charged is definitely one way to ruin its lifespan. While there are various opinions on this matter, we recommend you to unplug the charging cord and make it a point to charge your speaker whenever its battery is running low.

  • Keep track of your wireless speaker’s usage:

Check your wireless speaker often so that you are able to notice when it starts draining quickly. Make note of how long it lasts on continuous playback. If you notice that its battery is draining quicker than usual, you should check for any settings that might be responsible.

  • Charge your wireless speaker when it’s not in use:

Charging when your wireless speaker is not in use will increase the lifespan of your battery because it will never fall flat completely. You can easily accomplish this by charging it overnight or right before going to sleep. If you have a rechargeable battery, then ensure that the speaker is charged as much as possible to avoid any permanent damage.

  • Don’t let the speaker overheat:

Leaving your wireless speaker out in the scorching sun or near a heater for too long can cause irreversible damage to its battery. To avoid this, make sure you charge it indoors and always keep it away from any heat source as well as refrigerators as they can cause condensation inside the product.

  • Use the manufacturer’s charger:

A wireless speaker should be charged with its original device and never a smartphone or tablet as it can lead to permanent damage. You can buy an extra charging dock or cable if your wireless speaker does not come with one, but we recommend you only use the original product for safety concerns.

  • Use the proper storage:

Make sure that you always store your wireless speaker in a cool, dry place and never leave it in places where extreme heat or humidity can cause permanent damage. Do not ever subject your wireless speaker to scratches by keeping it away from any sharp objects as well.


You may be wondering how you can charge your Bluetooth speaker without a charger. Well, good news. We have the perfect solution for you that is cheap and effective.

So, how to charge Bluetooth speaker without charger? If you want a long-term solution for charging your device, we recommend, be sure to carry a portable power bank with you so that if your Bluetooth speaker runs out of battery, there is no need to worry. You can charge the device right from it! This will be especially useful for those who find themselves constantly on the go and don’t have access to an outlet or USB port. The best part of these small yet powerful devices are available in any size and price range, making them perfect for anyone who wants a little extra peace of mind while listening to their favorite tunes.


Is wireless charging bad for battery?

According to iFixit’s Purdy, heat is a big problem with wireless charging. In other words, by topping up your phone battery all day long and not letting it dip below 50%, you will actually make your battery last longer.

Why is my Bluetooth blinking red and blue?

Bluetooth headsets will blink red and blue when the headset is not paired. The headset is looking for a connection. It can happen if you’re pressed the pairing button by accident, or someone else did it to you.

How long should I charge my Bluetooth speaker?

It takes about 3 hours to charge the battery of your Bluetooth speaker from an empty state. The battery indicator on the speaker will tell you when it’s fully charged.

Can you overcharge a Bluetooth speaker?

Modern batteries have sensors that automatically turn themselves off when the battery is fully charged. But you should not leave it plugged into the charger because that will damage the battery. Once the battery gets to 100% full, you complete one charging cycle. This means the battery only has a limited number of cycles before it is completely worn out.

How do I know my Bluetooth is fully charged?

When charging, the red indicator light will indicate that it’s in progress. And will turn blue after charging has been completed. You can remove your charger at this point if you want to continue using it for a little while longer before taking off on another adventure.

What If I Have A Cord, But Not A Box?

If you don’t have a box to attach your cord to the wall, you can use something else as a power bank. You could plug your cord into your laptop and charge it that way. You can also use your phone as a power bank. You will need to check with your phone’s manufacturer if you can use it to charge other devices. If so, plug the cord into the micro USB port on your phone and connect it to another device.


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